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About this talk

We are very excited to have you join us for the first every World Psychedelics Day! We have gathered experts and visionaries from around the globe for you on this special day!

Please enjoy some opening comments from our spokespeople: Shannon Smadella and Kim Haxon.

The whole team at World Psychedelics Day and the International Psychedelics Awareness Foundation would like to sincerely thank all of our notable event partners and sponsors who have helped to make World Psychedelics Day a success. We are beyond grateful and excited to have the following organizations and companies step up to collaborate with us, for this significant and inaugural day:

Presenting Sponsor: KATA - Ketamine Assisted Therapy Association of Canada

Host Sponsor: Insight Global

Media Sponsors: Microdose, Psychedelics Today, CFN Media Group

Video Production Sponsor: Stream of Consciousness

Panel Sponsors: Field Trip Health, The Canadian Psychedelic Association, Insight Global, Psychedelics Today, Chacruna Institute, Microdose, Cybin

Community Sponsors: MAPS, MAPS Canada, The Flying Sage, The Synthesis Institute, Holos Global, Canndora, WWC, The McKenna Academy, Ayahuasca Foundation, Synergetic Press, Shannon Smadella, Psychedelic Support, Microdosing Institute, Psychedelic Experience, Neon Mind, Cosmic Sister, Medicine Hunter, PsyIndex, PsyIntegrated Health, Empower Health, Navigesia, SyTrue, DoubleBlind, Sounds True, SSDP, Mapping The Mind, Woven Science, Psychedelic News Wire, Cybin, Gwella Mushrooms, DOSED.

Along with helping to put on a dynamic event, our partners help drive significant progress forward for the entire psychedelic community, globally. Your contributions are deeply appreciated. A lot of work goes into making an event like this come to life and we have some exceptional volunteers working behind the scenes to ensure that this is an amazing event for you: our Social Media Team: Shenali Parthirage, Tanvi Devpura, Deblina Bhattacharjee, Chloe Soleil Martin. Kudos to Kal Colangeli who bravely took on the first ever Next Gen Psychedelics Townhall with co-host Paulmarq, Sara Armstrong whose diligent research helped us reach out to like minded organizations and influencers.

Our indefatigable Content Director Kat Carter’s deep research and booking skills shaped the themes and brought together top thinkers and doers in the psychedelic sphere; our multi-talented Art Director and Researcher, Sarah Butterfield along with graphic designers Terry Sunderland and Seth Rowanwood gave the website it’s special look and feel; she also helped propel the event into the social mediasphere; our wise Diversity Director Kim Haxton kept us on track with indigenous issues and much else; and our website backend team David Griffiths, Sam Soichet, and Sandy Haski kept us functioning online. A shout out to the hardworking teams at Marigold PR and Stream of Consciousness for helping us reach a wider audience.

We would not have an event without the speakers, so a special recognition of our wonderful speakers, panelists, hosts and moderators (and their assistants!). We are more than excited to bring to you over forty five experts from around the world for this inaugural event, this is definitely going to be something you’ll want to watch over and over again. So to the speakers, we appreciate you and we are honored to have you play a part in what we are doing here at World Psychedelics Day.

Special thanks to our musical guest Matthew Kocel for gracing us with his magical musical talents!

Last, but not least, thank you to ALL OF YOU, who have registered from over fifty countries all over the world, to watch almost 20 hours of programming on this special day. Thank you for supporting this event through your donations, as every one, large or small, makes a difference. A special thank you to all who have supported the International Psychedelics Awareness Foundation through your “founding donor” tickets—you are shaping history!

From all of us at the International Psychedelics Awareness Foundation

Special Thanks to our Event Presenting Sponsor:


Visit KATA!

A note from our Spokesperson Shannon Smadella...

"The time is upon us to work as a collective, not only as individuals, but as businesses and organizations working towards a common goal. Healing, evolution, re-connection with nature—we all know—will only happen through collaboration and unification of our cooperative efforts.

On World Psychedelics Day, we gather, brought together by these powerful medicines, ancient and new, increasingly backed by science, to recognize, respect, revere, appreciate, and explore how we can conspire to reconstruct a better future. These medicines have an intelligence, and they are smiling upon us. 6·20, June 20th, 2021 was chosen not only to rhyme with the 4.20 and 9.20 movements, it was chosen because this day is the longest, brightest day, for the largest segment of the human population. On this illuminated day we take time to examine and let go of our past, and make changes within ourselves. The solstice is a moment of transition, essentially tied to a personal awakening, our own self-realization. It aligns synergistically with a part of our purpose for this debut annual event.

We also recognize that World Psychedelics Day not only falls on Father’s Day this year, but is followed by National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada, and International Day of Yoga, to which we give both reverence and respect, and hope that our event collaboratively assists in the awakening and recognition that surrounding events aim to achieve.

At the dawn of a new day, to mark a new enlightened era of psychedelics, as the sun rises on: World Psychedelics Day!"

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Kim Haxton

Spokesperson - Co-director, World Psychedelics Day; Diversity Reconciliation Facilitator; Co-founder Indigeneyez; Lateral Liberation

Shannon Smadella

Host, Spokesperson & Business Advisor - World Psychedelics Day; Metaphysical Advisor & CEO - Insight Global; Metaphysician, International Speaker & Yogic Sciences Educator, Actress, Former Miss Canada.

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